In-Stream & Outstream Ads

MISO media offers both Instream and Outstream advertising options to our clients.

Instream advertising is something that most of the users are already familiar with. It is the advertisement that is placed pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll within videos on popular streaming websites like YouTube. Through our usage of cutting edge technology, we make sure that these ads are shown of the videos that are frequented by your target audience. This results in better click-through rates and an excellent ROI.

Outstream advertising is a video ad that appears on text-based content. These ads appear when a user scrolls down while reading an article or news. This gives an advertiser the flexibility to place their ads anywhere on the web and allows them to target a hyper-relevant audience. MISO media assures that your Outstream ads shows only on the content that is relevant to your target audience.

So if you want to start advertising your business through either Instream or Outsteram advertising, MISO media will be the partner that you can trust.

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